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About our History:
Integrated Flight Resources (IFR) was started in 1995 with one King Air 90 owned by a local bank. The goal was to provide exceptional service at a reasonable cost. Efficient cost controls and personal service has helped the company build both its business and reputation. In 2005, IFR completed its own 28,000 square foot hangar and office at DuPage Airport, located in West Chicago, Illinois. The Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance, and Chief Pilot all have decades of service combined, and have all grown through the company. The experienced and family-like connections of the management staff have established procedures that have helped produce a phenomenal record of reliability and safety. Trips are run to the degree of safety as if the employee’s own family were to be with them, as our customers are family. 

Over the last more than 20 years of operation, the company has grown its operation and has continued relationships with loyal aircraft owners, some of which have been with the company since its conception. 

 The company operates 7 corporate aircraft, ranging from a CJ 1 to a Challenger 604. All aircraft are based at IFR’s hangar at DuPage Airport. Light and routine maintenance is performed in-house by a well-qualified maintenance team. Major inspections or repairs are conducted out of major facilities such as Cessna or Duncan Aviation. The team utilizes CAE Simuflite for pilot training, along with in-house check airmen. 

 DuPage Airport Information: One of IFR’s greatest assets is the base location of DuPage Airport located in West Chicago, Illinois. The airport authority takes great pride in the facility and their flight center. The primary runway is 50% longer and wider than the primary runway at Chicago Executive (PWK). The DuPage air traffic control tower is open 24 hours a day, compared to most surrounding Chicago airports, which close at night. Choosing DuPage is one of the safest and most convenient locations in the Chicago area, being around an hour drive from Downtown Chicago. 

Charter: Chartering an aircraft from IFR allows you to sit back knowing that your trip will be taken care of from beginning to end. You can focus on the trip you have ahead, whether business or a vacation. The culture at IFR is to provide safe and efficient transportation and meet all your needs, ranging anywhere from catering, ground arrangements, and pets. The airplanes are maintained per the respective manufacturer’s specifications supplemented by the FAA’s requirements. 

Management: Integrated Flight Resources was founded in 1995 to manage corporate aircraft. Today, we currently manage 7 airplanes. The main goal is to manage each airplane in the most efficient and safe manner possible. And when we manage an airplane, we become the “operator” of the airplane and are responsible for ensuring that it meets all the applicable FAA regulations related to maintenance and operations. IFR’s responsibilities include: 

  • Obtaining insurance coverage via our fleet policy.
  • Storing the plane in our hangar.
  • Maintaining it to all necessary standards.
  • Providing the flight crew.

We take care of all the details related to the aircraft, allowing the owner to focus on themselves. 

Sales and Acquisition & Consultations: IFR offers both sale and acquisition services to our management clients, allowing IFR to focus on what is best for each client and their unique needs. The team has years of valuable experience in the market of airplanes and is happy to help each customer obtain the right airplane. 

For acquisitions, the team will evaluate the client’s travel needs and budget to identify what aircraft would best suit them. From there, investigation into the best aircraft on the market can be evaluated. The best candidates will then be selected, and then the IFR maintenance team will review the aircraft’s history. If any are suitable, pricing will be negotiated for the buyer. An inspection of the airplane is then planned, and contact is made with an inspection organization. The team supervises the inspection, reviews the findings, and completes the transaction. 

IFR handles all the details, leaving you to enjoy your new aircraft. 

Our fleet is comprised of airplanes we manage for their owners who use their aircraft for business and family trips. They want the best for themselves, their business associates, and their families. They take great pride in their assets and ask us to maintain them to the highest standards. Each airplane is maintained in accordance with the inspection plan designed by the manufacturer and approved by the FAA.

The owners of each airplane allow us to operate their aircraft on our charter certificate when they are not being used. This allows others in the Chicago area and beyond to experience the high quality attention we pay to each aircraft. Our mechanics inspect each airplane every time it returns from a trip and again before it departs on its next flight.

Falcon 2000LX
Phenom 300
Hawker 850XP
Challenger 604
Lear 45
Lear 45XR
Citation CJ1
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