Integrated Flight Resources (IFR) was founded in 1995 to manage corporate aircraft. Today we manage nine airplanes.  Our goal is to manage each airplane safely and efficiently.  During the last ten years it has become increasing complicated to operate a corporate jet. The myriad of complex regulations covering both maintenance and operation make it very difficult for a pilot to both fly and manage an airplane.


Safety is the highest priority, followed by the desire to obtain the
best value in all aspects of the operation.


When we manage an airplane we become the “operator” of the airplane and are responsible for ensuring that it meets all of the applicable federal aviation regulations related to maintenance and operation.  We obtain insurance coverage via our fleet policy, hangar the airplane, maintain it and provide the qualified flight crew.  We take care of all the details related to the operation of the airplane. This allows the owner focus on their business while we focus our attention on the airplane.