Can IFR help me acquire an airplane?

Yes, we have a team that can help with acquisitions.

Are one way flights available?

Yes, we can sometimes offer one-way pricing on selected routes.

Can I bring my pet on the airplane?

Yes, we have carried many happy pets.

Could IFR manage my airplane?

Yes, providing it meets our quality standards.

If I book a charter and have to cancel, is there a cancellation charge?

No, we only ask that you notify us as soon as your plans change.

Do the pilots regularly attend simulator training?

Yes, every year each pilot attends simulator based aircraft training.

Can IFR make arrangements for ground transportation at our destinations?

Yes, we are happy to make limousine, taxi, or rental car arrangements for you.

Can IFR help me if I need to charter a larger airplane?

Yes, we are part of a network of operators who can provide a wide range of aircraft.